Secrete to Training Like a Pro


At ProfitDanceTip, we know that different athletes need different training routines to hit their specific goals. Just like a bodybuilder wouldn’t train the same way as a marathon runner, dancers have their own unique set of training needs to perform at their best.

Have you ever seen a marathon runner enter a bodybuilding contest? Exactly, because each athlete’s physique is tailored to their sport. The same goes for dancers.

A lot of people see dancers just as artists, but if you’re new to the dance scene, you might not realize that the top dancers train like elite athletes. Take Breakers, for instance. These B-boys and B-girls spend about 60-70% of their time doing floor moves, from dancing upside down to performing power moves and freezes, all while keeping to the beat. This kind of dancing demands serious physical conditioning to handle those explosive movements. Many Breakers swear by calisthenics to build their strength. I’ve even written an article on developing strength like a pro dancer that dives deeper into this.

Calisthenics, which uses your body weight as resistance, is perfect for dancers. Exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, planks, and crunches not only build strength but also increase flexibility. By understanding your body’s capabilities through calisthenics, you can improve your connection between physical strength and dance, boosting your confidence in every move.

Flexibility is just as crucial as strength. A strong, flexible body lets dancers achieve a wider range of motion and maintain proper posture, which helps reduce the risk of injuries. Many dancers overlook flexibility until they get hurt, but adding it to your training can significantly enhance your performance.

And let’s not forget recovery. After those intense training sessions, your body needs time to heal and rejuvenate. Proper recovery prevents injuries and ensures you can get back to training, performing, or competing at your peak.

Check out our articles on strength, flexibility, and recovery to see how professional dancers train. These methods will help you elevate your dance skills and perform at your highest level. Share this site with friends who might be interested, and join us on your journey to becoming a better dancer. Let’s get after it!

Jaja Vankova on How to Train Like a Pro Dancer